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BGB Volume 102 – Q&A with Scott Alden, Lincoln Damerst and Nikki Pontius

Gamex 2013 came and went earlier this summer. We were happy to host Scott Alden, the man behind and the convention for its fans, out to hang with us for the weekend. We played many games, enjoyed his company, and were happy to have Lincoln Damerst, one of the main BGG guys these days and host of the hit series of board game videos GameNight! and his lovely wife, Nikki Pontius, a Queen Games representative and producer of many a Kickstarter campaign, join us as well. We talk about many subjects from game cons to game libraries, Spiel, Kickstarters and a whole lot about GameNight!

This is part one of the conversation. Part two will come out next week when I return from San Diego ComicCon.

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Boardgamegeek.con is November 20-24

For many of us who can’t make the trip to Germany each year, BGG.con is our way to get exposure to the latest board games to come out at Spiel. I’ll be there in Dallas this year, as I usually am, to join in the fun. We chat quite a lot about it on the show.

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GameNight! from Boardgamegeektv

GameNight! is a great video series with some local L.A. gamers playing board games and then talking about them. 

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Queen Games

Nikki Pontius is a Queen Games rep responsible for a lot of the content of their Kickstarter campaigns and more. I personally adore the quality of Queen’s products and enjoy a lot of their games. Queen has been a generous supporter of Strategicon conventions and we are happy to have most of their titles in our library.

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Boardgame Babylon Interview with Hanabi designer Antoine Bauza

Boardgame Babylon congratulates designer Antoine Bauza for his big Spiel Des Jahres win for Hanabi. We were honored to have Antoine on the podcast last year when he visited Strategicon for Gateway 2012. During the show, Antoine told us the story of how Hanabi came into being – and noted his incredible affection for the game. In case you missed it, here’s the show again for your listening pleasure. I’ve also included some articles around the web about the game and its big win.

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See – I predicted the winner just hours before the announcement!

Hanabi and Andor Win the SdJ and Kennerspiel!

Congratulations to Antoine Bauza and Michael Menzel for winning the two awards announced today by the SdJ jury. Hanabi was a bit of a surprise, but not a huge shock. It was clearly the best of the three nominated games Continue reading

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Thread: Podcasts & Blogs:: GameNight! 2013 Spiel des Jahres Specials – Augustus, Hanabi & Qwixx

by heccubus Tonight on GameNight. Youtube Video Youtube Video Youtube Video Please subscribe to us on YouTube – with more subscribers we get more freedom in how to run the channel.

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Let’s Play Hanabi (Plus enter to win a copy of your own!)

Perpetual Geek Machine

(It’s true we’re giving away a copy of Hanabi to a lucky reader, check out the review to enter!) So, we’ve all been thrust into the role of firework makers. […]

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