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The first BGB of 2014 is a Q&A session with Joey Vigour and Matt Austin of Mirror Box Games, discussing their fun new game Chaosmos.

I’ve been meaning to play Joey’s game for ages and I’m happy to say I finally got a chance over the holidays while enjoying a nice time at our SoCal board game cafe, GameHaus. I found Chaosmos to be a fun deduction game with a cool sci-fi theme, awesome art and alien races, and some inventive mechanisms. So, I invited them on the show to chat about their game. I think they did the right thing by getting a lot of exposure for their game and getting it played a lot around the country before hitting Kickstarter and clearly there was demand because it funded quickly, even with a lofty (for board games!) goal.

Check out the podcast here.

You can find more details on Chaosmos and support it on Kickstarter. It is already funded but their stretch goals seem pretty juicy for fans.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show and I’m glad to say getting back on the mic more is part of my plan for 2014. In addition to my work on three key games this year, I’m dialing back my involvement with Strategicon to focus my non-gaming gaming time other activities.

Feedback is always welcome either here or to my e-mail address on the side. Thanks for downloading and listening.