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BGB says:

Lorna is always a great source for new game news. She’s posted her Spiel 2014 impressions (and made me jealous of her acquisitions!)

Home again and recovering. Had a great time as usual but I didn’t buy as many big games as usual, mostly because some of them offered shipping post Essen and I hope they start arriving soon. I purchased a number of expansions this year including Hansa Teutonica: Britannia, Concordia: Britannia & Germania,Keyflower: The Merchants, Russian…

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The folks at Miniature Market have an unusual game for sale at the low-low price of $0.00 right now (if you act fast). Boardgame Babylon (with a tip of the hat to the soon-to-depart Late Show with David Letterman) presents you the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about this not-too-interesting game, available now at an amazing price.

10. Over 100 Geeks tried to add it to Boardgame Geek for some lousy geekgold.

9. The Seinfeld license was too expensive so this is what you get.

8. A surprisingly common theme, originated by Reiner Knizia himself.

7. A game Friedemann Friese would have designed if he had a Tuesday Project, because everyone knows Tuesdays just suck.

6. Attendees from the Gathering of Friends will still tell you they’ve never played the printed version of the game.

5. The Dice Game version is due at Spiel 2014. The Deckbuilder Version is due out at GenCon 2015. The Legacy Version due out at Spiel 2015.

4. The Munchkin Version already sold 500,000 copies.

3. Tom Vasel loved it even though the “parts dump” portion of his review video was somewhat uneventful.

2. A Cryptozoic Design.

1. Still a better game than Change Horses.

Only joking, of course. We love Miniature Market and their Daily Sales. But we also love to mock typos and digital mistakes.

Want to buy a better game? Try Concordia.


Get it now for only $0.00! MSRP $0.00 and Normally $0.00.

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BGB says:

A pleasantly visual review of Mike Fitzgerald’s enjoyable Diamonds. I think it’s going to hit the dime list for me this year.

Diamonds (designed by Mike Fitzgerald ), is a trick-taking game, taking its name from its resemblance to other trick-taking games, Spades and Hearts . Trick-taking games are known for requiring players to win (or purposely not win) collected sets of played cards, called tricks.

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BGB says:

Dale gives us a glimpse at La Isla, another Feldian release. I’m a bigger fan of Feld than Dale, I think, so I’m thrilled to give this one a go.

La Isla Designer: Stefan Feld Publishers: Alea/Ravensburger Players: 2-4 Ages: 10+ Time: 45-60 min Times played: 1, with preview copy provided by Ravensburger USA [Note: Normally, I prefer to play a game at least three times prior to writing it for the blog. However, given the time pressure coming up to SPIEL ’14, I…

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